► Crown Princess Masako turns 52

► Crown Princess Masako turns 52

Japan’s Crown Princess celebrated her 52nd birthday on Wednesday.

Crown Princess Masako said in a statement that she had reflected on the precious nature of peace during the year that marked the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2.

She said her heart ached for the loss of life from natural disasters around the world, including the heavy rains and massive flooding in Japan.

On the bright side, she noted that Japanese scientists won the Nobel Prize again this year, and that Japan’s national team won 3 games at the Rugby World Cup.

The Crown Princess recalled her visit with the Crown Prince in October to a high school in Fukushima Prefecture.

She said she was happy and encouraged to hear the students say they wanted to make Fukushima an even better place than it was before the 2011 disaster.

The Crown Princess also referred to events she attended with family this summer remembering World War 2.

She said the experience confirmed her views about the tragedy of war and the value of peace. She said her daughter Princess Aiko had deepened her understanding of the history of war and Japan’s post-war recovery.

She said 2015 was a year when she thought about the many people who died in the war, and about friendship and peace with other countries, and continuing efforts to make Japan a good country for future generations.

In a separate statement, the Imperial Household Agency quoted the medical team for the Crown Princess as saying she is making a steady recovery while increasing her engagement in official duties.

The doctors noted however that Princess Masako is still undergoing treatment and suffers from fatigue when her schedule is heavy.

They said they will assess whether she should take part in official duties case-by-case, considering the nature of the activity and the possible impact on her health.

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