1.2 Billion in Sales Forecasted for New “Energy” Pain Relief Technologies by Jeremy Madvin


Los Angeles, Ca – Multiple focus groups validate a 95% reduction rate in discomfort for humans. “Zetathermide,” is a revolutionary new technology combining the proven science of Western Physics with the ancient secrets of Eastern Medicine. Zetathermide emits a mild energy directly to the area of discomfort and at the same time, provides comfort and support for relief in minutes. There are no other technologies of this kind.

Zetathermide, a material first conceived by Jeremy Madvin, is being formed into “clay like” discs for use on most areas of discomfort, including the hand, wrist, elbow, back, knee and ankle. These discs have been named ZETA Discs.

The technology is ideal for Sports injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, and growing pains (children and adolescents). Zetathermide is expected to replace common magnetic technology used for health and wellness for the last 1000 years. “Zetathermide is to magnetic therapy what the MRI is to X-Ray. It has changed the way we see natural healing.”

Technology Benefits:

-Reduces discomfort to the applied area IMMEDIATELY
-Drug free technology
-Increases blood flow and oxygen to applied areas for accelerated healing and recovery
-Improves circulation and cell function (metabolism)
-Decreases stiffness in tendons and ligaments
-Relaxes the muscles and decreases spasms
-Provides comfort and support when properly applied
-Suitable for use while exercising or simply during the course of the user’s normal day

How it Works:

Most products offered by the Zeta technology Group, Inc., are constructed using a clay-like base material which acts as a hyper heat exchanger. Zetathermide, the primary ingredient, when formed into a specific shape, behaves like a hand held lightning rod. Just as a lightning rod attracts energy from the sky coming to the earth and then transfers that energy into a different form, Zetathermide attracts much of the energy surrounding it and then converts that energy as well. However, the energy converted by Zetathermide is in a usable form.

It absorbs energy from the body and environment (wavelengths in the form of near and medium infrared, radio waves, UV, etc), and converts those wavelengths into a specific spectrum of infrared. Together, the base material and special coating act as a small, safe, effective and convenient contributor in the treatment of discomfort.

This energy exchanging feature helps act as a detonator that boosts the performance of the cold/heat generator and specific wavelength/micro-current emitter within a self contained and targeted anionic environment. Although the product made from Zetathermide can be catalyzed/enhanced by an outside heat source like a heat pack, an outside heat source is not required. The heat or friction from the environment or a human body is enough to trigger the emission of wavelengths and micro-current. This emission cannot usually be felt but can be observed by outcome. This heat exchanging feature detonates and increases the performance of the special FIR and -ION erupting ring. Together, the base material and special coating act as a cold/heat generator and specific wavelength/micro-current launch pad within a self contained product.



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