10 Famous People Ruined By Drugs

10 Famous People Ruined By Drugs

Top 10 famous celebrities who had their life ruined or cut short because of substance abuse
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There seems to be an all too strong and unfortunate correlation between celebrity and drug culture. The pressure of life in the public eye, coupled with the ever-plentiful nature of substances that are readily available to those that can afford them, have made for a deadly cocktail on more than one occasion when it comes to Hollywood stars. For celebrities, as with anyone else, addiction is a serious, chronic and debilitating illness that can prove to be extremely difficult to treat, not to mention recover from.

It certainly can’t help that there is an enhanced level of scrutiny and attention placed on those within the public eye. While addiction can make its mark on anyone and doesn’t discriminate based on social status, celebs face the additional unique challenges of fame, stardom, wealth and the constant pressure to perform and uphold a carefully cultivated public image. For those that do choose to cope with the pressures of fame by turning to drugs, it can also be a slippery slope that proves difficult to avoid. For one thing, there is the typical presence of representative glad-handlers who will be reluctant to offer any words of sobering truth to their cash cow. Then there’s also the demanding schedule commitments that could make seeking help and pursuing rehabilitation seem like inconvenient afterthoughts.

There may be another facet of celebrity that lends itself to a more addictive frame of mind. Those who develop drug habits often do so seeking a level of thrill and excitement that they are otherwise unable to achieve. This thrill-seeking mindset seems at least somewhat connected to the drive of entertainers who can use the dynamic, explosive environment of the stage or screen to play out their own desires for exhilaration. Celebrity drug counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky subscribes to this theory, believing that some people are genetically wired to pursue an excitable environment, with both drugs and widely watched performance art serving as plausible outlets for that.

The possible explanations for the outsized relationship between celebrities and drug addiction doesn’t offer much comfort in light of a steady slew of young stars that drugs have taken prematurely in recent years. In just the past half decade, drugs have contributed to the untimely deaths of actors like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith and musicians like Amy Winehouse and Chris Kelly while serving as a possible contributing factor in countless other passings. The drug-related death of a celebrity is no more or less tragic than that of a less famous fellow human, but the publicity generated from a star’s struggles with substance abuse can shine light on a still-rampant issue in a unique and potentially effective way.

While so many dealing with drug problems may suffer in silence, the intense scrutiny attached to celebrities has provided a better understanding of just how things fell apart for certain drug-addicted entertainment icons. With that in mind, here are the incredible, harrowing stories of 10 celebrities whose careers and lives were derailed on account of their drug addictions.

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