10 Mexican Foods Tourists Should Try on Holiday in Mexico


Mexican dishes are known to be rich in flavour, spicy and colourful. Mexican cuisine is said to be a mix of Spanish, Middle-Eastern and native Mexican cooking styles. Mexican cuisine is also known for the use of many native spices that are unique to the country. A trip to Mexico will open your eyes to the many possibilities of Mexican food. Here is a list of some of the best Mexican dishes that you should try while on holiday in Mexico.

1. Tacos al Pastor – The Tacos al Pastor or Sheperd Tacos is one of the most delicious taco dishes that you will find in Mexico. This dish is a wrap of pork, beef or chicken that has been well spiced and cooked on a spit in an open fire. After the meat is cooked, it is served up with small pieces of corn tortilla chips, onions, lime, pineapples, cilantro and salsa.

2. Enchiladas Verdes – These spicy little delicacies are corn tortillas stuffed with a filling made of chicken, cream, white cheese and green salsa.

3. Torta Cubana – These Cuban sandwiches are made from a combination of different meats served with avocado, bean spread and mayonnaise. It is a big favourite with the locals.

4. Pozole – This is a traditional Mexican dish that pre-dates the Spanish occupation of Mexico. Pozole is made from hominy that has been slow cooked in a stew of different kinds of meats. Pozole is usually served with some radish, lime, oregano, chilli, lettuce and onions.

5. Tacos Campechanos – These are tacos made with meat, Mexican chorizo, salsa and potatoes. These tacos are very similar to the Americanised version of tacos and they are often served in tourist hotspots.

6. Mole – Mole is a sauce usually made to accompany other dishes like chicken, grilled meats and enchiladas. This is a complex sauce made from a combination of many spices and unique ingredients including different kinds of pepper and a bit of chocolate.

7. Tacos Arabes – These Arab tacos are made in a process similar to the Arabian shawarmas. Well marinated meat is cooked on a spit and is then carved and minced or sliced into small pieces. The meat is then served in pita bread or soft tortillas.

8. Tamales – Tamales can be made from a large variety of ingredients like meat, chorizo, salsa and even pineapples. They are served wrapped in pieces of cornhusks or banana leaves.

9. Chilaquiles – These are roasted tortilla chips topped with salsa, cream and chicken bits.

10. Esquites – Esquites is a maize street snack that is served in a cup and topped with mayonnaise, chilli, epazote and lime.

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