10 Road Blocks to Internet Marketing Success


I have a lot of experience working with beginners in Internet marketing and I notice that most of them are committing the same mistakes. I, too, learned the hard way since I made the same errors when I started in this business. Although experience is the best teacher, it is also good if you learn from other people’s mistakes. You will most likely achieve your goals faster if you are aware of these mistakes and be able to identify the hindrances in your path.

1. Never spend too much on your domain hosting. You have to be practical and careful on the money you take out of your pocket. Do your research. You can most definitely find something less than 10 dollars for an unlimited domain hosting.

2. You probably heard about the saying, “Less is More.” You should apply this concept in terms of placing ads in your website. If you have too much ads or links in your website, your visitors will make an impression that you just want to profit from them. The best way to do it is put more good content and less ads in your website.

3. Many Internet marketers make a lot of money using Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows you to earn by advertising products even if you do not have a website, and setting up your own ad campaigns is easy. This can be very profitable, however, if you are not familiar on the ins and outs of AdWords, then be prepared to lose some money. I am not talking about fifty-dollar loss; I’m talking about thousand dollars worth of money. Only when you are confident about what you’re getting into, should you use AdWords. It takes a lot of skill, practice and uh, money.

4. Good content is your way to success. But take note, it should be original, unique content. Many beginners assume that they can get away with copyrighted content, but they are very mistaken. Be careful in what you post in your websites because you’ll never know how much it can destroy you and your reputation. A great Internet marketer doesn’t need to be a great writer. You can write your ideas and have a writer rewrite it, or you can pay someone to write for you. That’s if you are not good in writing, but let me tell you it doesn’t hurt to try. You can use Copyscape to verify your content or your writer’s content as well.

5. The same goes for the images you post in your website. Be careful with that as well because you can also get in trouble copy pasting images from other websites. That might be permitted if you are posting images from affiliate websites, but check to make sure. If you do not have photography skills, then you can pay a small amount and get a decent image in istockphoto.com so you can have original pictures in your website.

6. There is a lot of information about Internet marketing online and reading about all of these techniques and data can be overwhelming. Beginners tend to begin with multiple projects in numerous areas. If you have a team to do this, then maybe that’s fine but if it’s just you then it might not be such a good idea. In the long run, you’ll have many projects but none of them is making money. You need to concentrate on few projects, exerting efforts in developing them rather than trying to be Superman.

7. If you decide to sell products in your website, initially use free shopping cart systems like the one PayPal is offering. You do not need to set-up a merchant account and it’s effortless to create. Do not invest in expensive shopping cart systems until you have enough money to do so. You might as well exhaust your time marketing for your products and your website as opposed to worrying about how your shopping cart looks like.

8. There are many products online that offer get-rich-quick methods. They look and sound very effective too. Do not be fooled by scammers. Get free information, talk to fellow Internet marketers, read their websites and follow their guidelines. There are no “secrets” on how to get rich and more so, there is no easy way to get there.

9. Do not pay to get listed. Beginners are easily deceived by these strategies. You do not need to be listed to hundreds of search engines; you just need to make it to the top 5. In conclusion, don’t pay for anything to escape from the hard work required from you. There are many ways to get your site listed such as optimizing your keywords, submitting articles to different websites or if allowed, participating in link directories. These techniques demand a lot of time and work but it has definite and better outcomes.

10. Last but definitely not the least, the number one mistake that most beginners make is to assume that income is easy and instant. If you expect that you are going to earn right away, I’m sorry but you’re not. Each Internet marketer’s story of success is unique. Depending on how much work you put into, it can take up to several months or longer. If you become successful, however, you will most definitely enjoy your substantial income.

Good Luck!

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