14 January 2016: Mike Buchanan debates with Kate Green MP, Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities

14 January 2016: Mike Buchanan debates with Kate Green MP, Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities

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First-year students at the University of Westminster Film School https://www.facebook.com/westminsterfilmschool recently achieved something that commercial and state broadcasters to date have refused to do, filming a discussion between a feminist politician (Kate Green MP, Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities) and an anti-feminist (myself) on a feminist narrative, in this case on the gender pay gap. The students and their staff were highly professional throughout, and the studio facilities very impressive.

I had a lengthy discussion with Ms Green before the recording, in the Green Room. She shamelessly defended the use of all-women shortlists, from which she herself had been selected. I strongly attacked the actions and statements of several of her colleagues – Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper, and Jess Phillips come to mind – and in each case she feigned shock and said, ‘She’s a very good friend of mine!’ Finally I replied, ‘And your point would be…?’

We shared a Tube train for several stops after the discussion, and it would be fair to say Ms Green was a little tense…

The presenter was Michael Wilson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Wilson_(presenter). He has been a television presenter on current affairs and business issues since 1979, working for Thames Television, Sky News, and GMTV.

William Collins’s piece on the gender pay gap is here http://mra-uk.co.uk/?p=150.

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