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.tags Trend from the concept of enthusiasts dedicated to including women and children’s advertising in 2009, “HD” tremendous momentum for the rapid spread the word, and even has become a kind of life within reach of fashion. From Beijing Olympics Council on stir-fried for HDTV, to monitor and LCD TV industry thrust of the 1080P, then homeopathy rise of high definition MP4 Carry-look, high definition gives us a more visual shock and happiness to share with their families. Since the first high-definition banner banner of the MP4 available, they show the vitality Xinghuoliaoyuan like this, the battle to upgrade, warlords, and since high-definition MP4 market spring, fresh with new vitality.

HD MP4’s hot, in addition to technological breakthroughs, the user needs is also an important determinant. Walkman, cassette-type from the earliest to the later CD Walkman, has been developed to MP3 players and even the current high-definition MP4, the user of the portable equipment demand is also changing, first just want to listen anywhere, anytime Music To later development to sneak in a handheld personal entertainment or catharsis. Therefore, programs and professionals MP4 upstream manufacturers continue to introduce new product specifications and quality driven the rapid escalation of unprecedented competition in the industry intensified. In between, there have been new entrants to test high-definition MP4 water market, to further accelerate the market’s survival of the fittest, so that in 2010 filled with unknown high-definition war.

Overall strength is the foundation layout HD
09 popular high-definition DVD standard definition of 720P (1280 * 720), stream up to 10Mb, for most network Film The player needs; Then, 768P/20Mb stream of the second generation of products come out, support more video formats and a smooth line with international standards; and the emergence of 1080P did not let us wait too long, this in home computer not completely universal standards for full HD, but ahead of him in a small MP4 succeeded, and downstream firms can not be said that the result of collective efforts and, in this behind, it is the full examination of their overall strength.

2010, the Amoi Electronic MP4 entered the field of health and objective high-definition direct orientation, which is not only a correct understanding of industry trends, brand strength is further demonstrated timely move. Known for their, Amoi’s mobile phones, smart phones, 3G phones in the domestic market leader; and LCD TVs, HDTV is ideal for hundreds of millions of home users choice. Amoi in the field of mobile electronics and digital high-definition capabilities accumulated deep, high-definition MP4 market for the smooth distribution of the foundation. On the other hand, continuation of the LCD TV Amoi “health, safety, durable” concept, put forward the concept of healthy high-definition, in the capture of a technical barrier, the real from the user’s actual needs to consider the implementation of health and Environmental protection Two major themes, but also for many working hard, “Chong technical parameters” of the company provides a new way of thinking.

Technical features is the key to open up markets
The competition heats up in the high-definition MP4 market, differentiation, innovation is the key to gaining the initiative, lack of features and technical advantages of the product will gradually lose their living space. Looking at the ncept, combining audio and video entertainment and the fashion, so that users can be a moment of leisure in the true ease.

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