3 Sure-Fire Ways to Grow your Creative Business (no marketing budget required) with April Bowles

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Grow your Creative Business (no marketing budget required) with April Bowles

A.C.E. Adventures in Creative Entrepreneurship
Episode #014
by: Kristy Oustalet
Guest: April Bowles-Olin
Show Notes & Links mentioned: http://kristyoustalet.com/14

April Bowles-Olin from blacksburgebelle.com she started out as jewelry maker and Etsy was her platform of choice to dive into the biz world.

As April learned the business ropes, she picked up marketing skills for handmade products and selling strategies. After realizing that business side of things intrigued her a bit more than becoming a mini jewelry factory, she switched gears and began helping other artist design a business and lifestyle they truly want and enjoy.

These days, she translates the latest marketing tips and strategies into tailored guides and advice for creative entrepreneurs.

In this interview we talk about the 3 Sure-Fire Ways to grow your creative business (no marketing budget required).

1. Gut Check: Are you undervaluing your work?
April’s pricing tips:

If you think you’re not charging enough. You’re not charging enough.
What are your competitors are charging + what makes yours different?
Make sure to communicate to your audience what sets you apart in your product descriptions.
Don’t base your price off of what you would pay. You are not you’re own target market.

2. Do more of what’s working.
You need to do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t.

Do you know what’s working for your biz? Look for feedback and monitor your analytics to pinpoint what you’re customers want.

3. Really know your target market.
If you know your target market better than your competitors, you’re going to sell more.

Target what you’re doing to your ideal customer. Just take an afternoon to do the work and your results will reflect.


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