4 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction & Delayed Ejaculation

4 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction & Delayed Ejaculation

These are 4 causes of Erectile disfunction and delayed ejaculation. http://www.passioninlove.com/unshakable Delayed ejaculation and erectile disfunction can cause problems with self-esteem. Plus top it with feelings of inadequacy, failure, and negativity and you can get how sensitive and vulnerable this sexual performance problem is. In fact, some men who experience the condition may avoid intimacy all together because of never ending frustrations and fear of failure.

There are many potential causes of delayed ejaculation and erectile disfunction including psychological concerns such as sexual performance, mechanical causes, biological causes due to chronic health conditions sand medical causes – reactions to medications.

Psychological causes of delayed ejaculation and erectile disfunction can occur due to stress, poor communication, relationship issues, life transitions, sexual performance anxiety, or performance expectation.
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She is sex therapist, relationship counsellor and coach.

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