4 Foods That Cure Wrinkles


As Dr. Perricone of MedicineNet surmise, that every kind of disease including wrinkled skin can be traced back to inflammation. So as you go for grocery shopping, make sure these items are there in your basket which will help you to cure wrinkles:

Berries: Cranberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are rich in various kinds of antioxidants. Apart from that, they also have Vitamin C, Vitamin E, riboflavin, and fiber. These nutrients will help in building up of collagen which provides elasticity to your skin. The antioxidants present in these berries will neutralize free radicals which in turn will cure wrinkles formed prematurely as well as fine lines.


Nuts: Nuts are necessary not only for a good skin but also for healthy heart and brain. That is because nuts contain Vitamin A that helps in skin cell development as well as Vitamin B which results in healthier heart and brain cells. Apart from these two vitamins, nuts also have healthy fats which aid in maintaining collagen and elasticity of your face. That in turn makes your skin look tauter and cure wrinkles. Among nuts, Brazil nut is especially good as it has mineral selenium which not only cures wrinkles but also cures skin infections. Moreover this mineral is responsible for the production of glutathione, a neutralizer of free radicals that deteriorate collagen and elasticity of your skin faster. Dry skin problem and inflammation will also be under control if you eat this nut regularly as it contains zinc that helps in maintaining elasticity and collagen of your skin.


Fish: Omega-3 rich fishes will help you to fight inflammation as they contain Omega-3 fatty acid, a known anti-inflammatory agent. Eat fishes like Salmon that are rich in protein to repair your broken skin cells. This fish also contains a nutrient called DMAE which will not only help you to cure wrinkles, but improve your nerve function, tone your facial muscle while making sure your face does not sag.


Vegetables: When your mother insisted that you eat your vegetables to grow strong, she was right! Eating dark green leafy vegetables like spinach will help you to fight wrinkles as these contain Vitamin A and C. The former will help you against the drying up of your skin while the latter will provide antioxidants to your body. Vegetables like Carrots are especially important for your intake of Vitamin A as it has beta-carotene which is converted to Vitamin A in body. You can also use it as sunscreen (with SPF 2 to 4) if you are light skinned.


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