4 Health Signs Women Ignore That May Cost Them Dearly


Most women are the caregivers in their family. They are the one who take care of everyone in the family; they notice their little problems and make sure they see a doctor before the little problems become major health threat. But unfortunately, when it comes to their own health, very few women take the signals that their own bodies are trying to send seriously! That is why the mortality rate of women with diseases that can be prevented when detected in early stages, is quite high when compared to that of men. If this sounds very much like your story, here are the signs that you should never ignore, for your life may depend on it!

• One of the largest health problems that women suffer is breast cancer. This cancer, when detected in early stage, can easily be cured as celebrities like Kylie Minogue have shown. But most women fail to notice the little signs of warning regarding breast cancer. One of the biggest is the growth of lumps. Don’t ignore if you see a sudden change in your breast size or shape, it is better to go to the doctor for a full physical check up. But there are other ways your body may tell about this problem, like a change in nipple shape and a discharge from it.

• Another problem typical to women is osteoporosis. Seen in premenopausal and menopausal women, this disease can rob a woman of normal life. So if you are in your 40s and having back pains that refuse to go away no matter what medication you take, it is time to go to orthopedics for a thorough checkup. Back pain is one of the first signs of osteoporosis which cause brittle bones in older women. By getting yourself checked up before that, you can be more prepared for your advanced age.

• Next to breast cancer, another cancer that is very dangerous for women is ovarian cancer. You should be all the more prepared for it if you have a history of cancer in the maternal side of your family (mother, grandmother, aunt or sister). As for the early signs that are often ignored, bloating is the first one of them. Occasional bloating is ok and normal and if you have bloating every other day, that is something to watch out for. If you have abdominal pain along with it, it is high time to make that appointment with your gynecologist.

• Premenopausal women are in more danger of endometrial cancer than women of any other age group. One of the signs that women often miss at such a period of life is unusual bleeding. They ignore bleeding between two periods and consider it to be normal as menopause is approaching. So if you never had spots so far in your life, and suddenly start having them in your 40s or 50s, it is time to make that appointment with your doctor.

Always remember, a lot of life depend on your health; if you are not healthy how are you going to take care of your family! So don’t ignore these signs if you see any of them and see your doctor as soon as possible.

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