5 Best Places For Seafood on the West Coast

There is nothing that disappoints a traveler more than to finally get to go to a restaurant on the ocean, only to find that the seafood is bland because it is not fresh. As we all know, the best seafood is fresh and that is why many people go out of their way to go to coastal seafood restaurants. The assumption is, if the restaurants are on the ocean, then they are not going to need to freeze the seafood before preparing it.

1) Bluewater Grill, in Redondo Beach CA, overlooks the Redondo marina and has a variety of fresh fish that is very impressive. They have many simple, yet delicious, meals of sauted or grilled seafood including local broad-bill swordfish, Eureka sand dabs, Fijian ahi, and crispy skin barramundie. They also feature a wide ranging wine list and an oyster bar.

2) The Hungry Cat, in Hollywood CA, is dedicated to classic seafood. After dining here you may just feel the need to lick your fingers with satisfaction. A highly regarded dish they serve is the pan roasted striped bass with black trumpet mushrooms, root vegetable hash, and red wine butter; like all of their seafood meals, it is wonderfully fresh. If you have some picky eaters in your bunch they also offer some non-seafood options, such as a burger with avocado, blue cheese and bacon. Their wine list is short but they do offer over a dozen wines by the glass and their servers will give you samples if you ask.

3) Castro, in San Francisco CA, is yet another bustling restaurant with a very spacious dining area. This popular seafood place serves up plates of tuna tartar, huge tuna Nicoise salads, and clams parade with linguine. It also features a closed in patio area with a circular fire place. The main design feature is a backlit wall of bottles surrounding the buildings exposed brick.

4) Etta’s Seafood, in Seattle WA, just north of Pike Place Market, is known for its freshly caught seafood. Locals enjoy it, as well as tourists, and there is often a wait but, the food is so good it is well worth the inconvenience. Their cuisine is innovative and has Asian influences as they desire to move past traditional seafood preparation styles. Some of their signature dishes are tilapia that has been deep fried, tuna sashimi, and spiced rubbed salmon.

5) FIN, in Portland OR, has an amazing cuisine worthy of a 6 star rating. There, you can get a fine dining experience but with reasonable prices and an inviting atmosphere. The menu is broken up in to two sections: raw seafood and hot seafood, each having roughly six options. The portions are small so it is best to order two servings.

Whether you are a local or a tourist in any one of these cities, if you are in the mood for seafood, none of these restaurants will disappoint!

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