5 Budget Friendly Brochure Tricks

.tags Brochure printing is not always among the most budget friendly of print promotions. However, with some expert tips and tricks, it is quite possible to get some affordable brochure printing for your own projects. For your reference, I am going to give you five of the best budget friendly brochure printing tricks that should help you minimize the overall costs of your brochures, while still taking care of its quality and integrity.

1. Get those coupons and deals!

There is always a special printing coupon or discount deal out there for brochure printing. Since there are hundreds of printing firms out there, both online and offline, the chances of getting those great deals are very high indeed. So if you want cheap brochure printing, all you really need to do is to get them. Do the footwork (or the handwork) and look for the best deals and discount coupons that you can find.

There should be tons out there especially if you use a search engine with the right keywords. In just a few minutes, you should be able to easily spot which printing companies can help you get affordable brochure printing with their special coupons and discount deals.

2. Cut down on design costs.

Another budget friendly trick for brochure printing is to cut down your design costs to zero. That is right! It is well possible to do this since you can actually create your own custom brochure designs with free tools and materials Here is a list of what you will typically need and some free resources to fill those needs.

a. Brochure Template. Online printers typically offer brochure templates for free. Just search and download them.

b. Brochure Design Software. You can use GIMP and OpenOffice to design your color brochures. These software are available for free under an open source license.

c. Brochure images. Sites like flickr.com and openphoto.com offer free images with free licenses.

d. Brochure fonts. Hundreds of font sites like dafont.com and urbanfont.com can give you nice fonts for your brochures, all for free.

e. Brochure design talent. You can design your own brochures if you are willing, and if not, you can try friends and family to help you design it for free.

3. Know the right printers.

Getting budget friendly for brochure printing means knowing the right printers that print brochures cheap. You can easily get that ideal brochure printing company by surfing online and comparing all the online printers in one search. Just be extensive and patient with your searching and believe me, you should be able to get the cheapest brochure printing deals around.

4. Customize less.

Now, I know customization of color brochures is great, but it does entail some additional cost to brochure printing. So to be budget friendly about this, you can just customize less. You can opt for standard tri-fold dimensions, typical paper materials and the traditional four color ink combination. This should reduce your brochure printing quotations to the cheapest values possible.

5. Print smaller brochures.

Finally, if you do indeed need to cut costs for a budget friendly brochure printing, you can try to just print smaller brochures. It should be easy to scale down your whole design to smaller brochure dimensions. The smaller the brochure size, the cheaper the brochure printing. Just ask your brochure printer to scale down the printing and it should be done.

So those are five of the easiest and best budget friendly tricks for brochure printing. You do not have to worry about your budget now for your color brochures.

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