5 Postcard Marketing Tips


While it seems like everyone has access to the internet today, many don’t know where to look when it comes time to find a product or service they need. This is where you need get creative and use alternative forms of marketing to drive people to your website. One of the best forms of marketing is the postcard.

A well-designed postcard doesn’t need to be expensive to look professional and get your message across. It will, however, drive targeted traffic to your website, ensuring that your visitors are actually interested in what you have to offer. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you design your postcard marketing campaign.

Choose a Focused Mailing List
Don’t waste your time or money mailing postcards to everyone and everyone. Your best bet is to contact a mailing list broker who will in turn help you to identify your target market, whether they are customers of non-competing businesses, those in certain age ranges, or people with certain income levels.

Avoid Making a Sales Pitch
You have a very limited amount of space on your postcard. Use that space to highlight the most important features of your product and to encourage potential buyers to visit your website or even call you for more information. When designing postcards, you should be focused more on gaining new prospects and less on making an actual sale.

Use a Direct Approach
Your postcard is just that – a postcard. The moment someone sees it they will be reading your message, minus the hassle of tearing open an envelope. Keep your message short and sweet so that it makes a point without your reader feeling as though he has to search for more information.

Timing is Everything
Most people receive large quantities of mail on Mondays. Therefore, if your postcard arrives on Monday it will probably hit the trash pile without a second glance. Try to time your mailings so that your postcards arrive on either Tuesday or Wednesday, which are notorious for being lighter mail days.

Printing on a Budget
As mentioned before, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars designing your postcard mailing campaign. You could even print your own postcards from your home computer, though having a printer do them for you will only cost a bit more (and you’d probably break even considering you won’t have to buy more printer ink). Keep it simple – a short message, simple graphics, and one or two colors is enough to get your point across. Save the flowing graphics, full-color cards, and extravagant printing for a future project!

Keep these tips in mind as you develop your next postcard marketing plan and you’ll be surprised at the results you achieve. You’ll experience a higher response level within a shorter period of time – guaranteed!

Have fun designing your postcards!

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