5 Simple Steps to Driving Free Traffic and Sales From Your Facebook Fan Page

5 Simple Steps to Driving Free Traffic and Sales From Your Facebook Fan Page

Everyone’s on Facebook. Your business is even on Facebook and you probably have a fan page. Let me show you 5 simple steps to driving traffic from it!
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#1: Use high quality images

From your header image to your profile image, it has to be high quality. The image also needs to represent who you are, what you’re doing, whether you’re a brand or a individual, that’s fine but it still needs to represent who you are or what you’re doing. If it’s an individual, use your own photo. If it’s a brand, then use your company logo. This will help you ultimate drive more traffic and sales from the fan page.

#2: Test different post types

You can do images. You can do status updates. You can do videos. You can even do Facebook live. The possibilities are endless but test them out because your fans may engage differently with different content pieces. Once you test them out, you’ll figure out what they like, what they don’t like and of course, if they like certain things such as inspirational quotes, you want to post more of that. If they don’t like your videos, I don’t know what to tell you other than don’t post them.

#3: Check out your Facebook fanpage Insights.
Facebook Insights tell you when people are engaging on your content. So if you’re finding out that people only in the United States are engaging and people in the UK aren’t, when you’re doing a post update, then you can target it only to the people in the United States. For the UK, you can try a whole different post type and target it specifically towards the United Kingdom. By doing that, you’ll get more engagement. Your post will go more viral and you’ll do better.

#4: Set up your shop
If you’re selling products on Facebook, you can even set up your own shop and sell your products on Facebook. It’s really simple. The cool part about this is you can feature them at the top and then when you even do post related to the products you’re selling them, it can help drive more sales to them.

#5: Follow your competitor fan pages
You’re going to have competitors. Add them to your Facebook Insights. When you add them, you can see if what they’re doing is good or bad. If they’re getting more engagement than you or their fan growth is way faster than yours, you know they’re doing something that you’re not doing. You want to check out to see what they’re doing and mimic it, right? Of course you want to add your own twist and not just copy them blatantly but once you do that, you’ll also start growing faster. Follow those tactics, you’re going to have a awesome and amazing Facebook fan page. It’s that simple.

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