5 Super Simple Ways to an Eco Friendly Life


Human beings need three basic items to live a healthy lifestyle. We need clean food, clean air, clean water.  As a modern country we are blessed to have each of those basic items in arms length.

The first way to an eco friendly food is grow your own vegetables free of modern pesticides.

The second way to clean, contaminant free food is to purchase organic vegetables/fruits. This can get expensive depending on your buying habits. You can focus on seasonally available vegetables and fruits for less expensive organically grown food. Because of consumer demand many modern day grocery stores have an organic section.

The third way toward eco friendly living is keeping the inside of your abode with clean fresh purified air. There are ways to filter the air we breathe. Yes, believe it when you see dust particles through the sun beam of your window you have air pollution in your home. There is no need to panic just understand that dust particles have dust mites and those dust mites are living creatures. All living creatures leave behind waste (toxins) that we end up breathing. Our goal is to eliminate those toxins in the air.

The fourth way is thoroughly vacuum clean using a water filtration system that traps all the dust from the carpets, upholstery and floors without letting tiny particles of dust escape through the pores of the vacuum bag. There is no need to use harsh chemicals because this defeats the purpose of being eco friendly. There are advance cleaning systems that clean the air and the home rendering a dust free environment.

The final way to clean and healthy living is to drink purified water. Not all filter waters are the same. Some filters take out essential minerals that make up the water. During your comparison shopping of water filtration systems you want to avoid a water filtration system that seems over priced and has sub-par performance. Your careful study will lead you to the right choice.

By following these five guidelines you are improving your healthy lifestyle, you are cutting down on polluting our earth, and you are dramatically increasing your body’s total balance with clean water, clean food, and clean air.

I can’t promise you miracle cure for all your ailments, but I can promise you a sense of well being that you are contributing to planets earth longevity.

This lifestyle change is not drastic. It is five small super easy steps to a healthy lifestyle. We can do this first to benefit ourselves and second to keep planet earth so it’s available to future generations.

Don’t even bother measuring your carbon foot print because this about a lifestyle change for a better, healthy life. You don’t need to be part of a movement to be health conscious.

Your time is today…so make it a healthy day. 

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