5 Tips on What to Post for Social Media Marketing

5 Tips on What to Post for Social Media Marketing
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5 Tips on What to Post for Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat – they are all free platforms that everyone use to create share or exchange information, interests whether personal, career or business in virtual communities and networks. These social platforms are highly interactive and people (no matter what age level they are, uses social media.) Almost every hour of everyday, people try to open their social media accounts. Why not use it to your advantage and market your products through these platforms?

Here are 5 tips tricks, and hints on what to post for Social Media Marketing.

1. Native Looking Content

If you wanted to make a skyrocketed sales for your business, your ad should not look like an ad. As a social media user myself, I will surely get pass an ad because that will take a lot of my time and doesn’t look like it’s interesting. But, if you want people to be engaging with your content, make it look like it belongs and is native to the platform. As per a quote from the Pinterest team: “Don’t just show people your hiking boots, show them what they can do with your hiking boots.” Why not post something like a DIY or How To’s that way it will be more interesting to the market than directly posting your product.

2. Look At Competitors

Being aware of what your competitors offer and post can help you to make your products and services better. Since these competitors are more established and obviously bigger, they have already spent money on research and development for better marketing. By looking at them, you can have new ideas and you can have techniques on how you can improve on your own initiatives.

3. Similar Sites

Since you have been checking on other competitors and bigger companies, you will probably post something related to what they are posting, on top of that, you need to check similar sites as well. Check your customer’s pulse and profiling – who are your buyers and what else does they like. If they are parents, they are more likely checking on online bargains and great deals. Teenagers go for eBay, Amazon or the like. Check those sites and look for something catchy that you can post something similar to.

4. Use Buzz Sumo

BuzzSumo is a search tool that tracks content on all social networking sites and sort and organize them based on the quantity of shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. It screens content by point, topic or user and uses an advanced search engine to convey precise results. You can check what posts they like so you can more of make Social media posts similar to those things that they like.

5. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

“Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” is a book by bestselling author and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s an amazing book with advices on how to beat the competition and connect with your customers. One of the best things in the book is “Content versus Right Hook.” It focuses on the social media idea to give, give and give to your customers and then take. You wanted to get their interest first, so if you sell something, you’ve already got their trust and they will more likely purchase it.

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