6 Steps For Anti Aging

left-over marks from childhood : santa barbara (2006)
to me, this photo somehow aptly surmises the misfortunes of growing older, or as william blake used to frame it, gaining experience

most of us don’t think too much about the impact of roads on our lives. but some of us have lost friends and family and we’ve seen the great devastation first hand. even so, i still brush it off. i understand that we have to come to terms with risk and negotiate our own changes, implementing our own decisions — our choices, our lives

and then some corporation comes along and returns it to a semi-original state. look for great advancement in gene therapies and anti-aging techniques. the sistine chapel’s ceiling is young again, after all!!

but personally, i still favor the picture that has time written all over it
By torbakhopper on 2006-11-24 11:01:36

I am going to go over 6 basic steps for a proper skin care routine.

-Drink plenty of water, this is going to flush all toxins and impurities out of your body

-Coffee, smoking, alcohol have a negative affect on the skin

-Wash your face with a mild cleaner

-Exfoliate, removing dead and dried skin cells

-Moisturize, if you do not moisturize, your skin will feel dried out, you have basically removed all the natural oils from the skin

-A tablespoon full of cod live oil

Drinking plenty of water hydrates not only the body but the cells as well, imagine the cells of our skin like a sponge, if you do not keep the sponge wet it dries out and gets stiff. When the sponge is moist it is pliable and soft. Coffee, alcohol and smoking do the same thing, they dehydrate the body. So once again imagine the body like a sponge.

Now never go to bed with make up on and a great natural makeup remover is olive oil. Do this before washing your face when going to bed. Imagine putting plastic over your skin for 8 hours, the cells aren’t able to breath and bacteria starts to accumulate under the makeup causing breakouts and rashes. Now washing your face with a mild cleanser will remove the days toxins from the surface of the skin, this will enable your skin to breath.

Then you want to exfoliate your skin with sugar and it’s actually what glycolic acid is derived from. Just put a small amount of your normal cleanser in your hand and perhaps a teaspoon full of sugar in your hand and mix together. Now Gently rub this on your face in a small circular motion massaging it into the skin. The glycolic acid is going to dissolve the glue that holds all the dead skin cells to your face. Once you massage into your skin for several minutes then you want to rinse with cold water and pat dry. I suggest exfoliating at the very least every 3 days.

Once your skin is dry you will notice it feels clean, hydrated and refreshed. You now want to moisturize with a water based moisturizer. This will hold the moisture in at a cellular level. A tablespoon of Cod Liver oil at night and in the morning will naturally moisten the cells. Cod Liver oil has omega 3 fatty acids in it and what it will do is make your cells and your skin look moist and fresh. You can usually find this product at a whole foods or health food store.

For more information go to http://newstemcellskincare.com.

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