6 Ways to Travel Solo in Europe



If you want to travel across Europe and meet exciting men, be sure to consult The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Menby Katherine Chloé Cahoon. Below are six tips on how to find that special guy when overseas:


1. European Men Like To Make The First Move

European men want to be the initiators in striking up relationships with the opposite sex. Do you think their machismo would have it any other way? Overbearing barracudas – gals who follow in guys’ footsteps, hang around when not invited, or speak in grandstanding voices – are never appealing to them. Just be friendly and give them a little encouragement. Then they will make their moves. I know some women who are very independent and go-getters. Those qualities are absolutely wonderful in many arenas, but not when trying to date the desirable single males in Europe. They want to do the work of asking a woman out, and I don’t know about you, but I in no way object.


2. Don’t Hide Out When In Europe!

Never give up if you find it slow-going. Even the savviest socialites find themselves trapped in towns suffering from masculine droughts. Then they typically quit trying to meet European men and miss out on the best part of the trip when they could easily change the scenery instead. Just as some land is more fertile than others, some male hunting grounds are more fertile than others. Keep traveling until you find the right guy!


3. Don’t Cling To Men From Your Own Country

Travelers seem to have a tendency to stick with those from their own country. The way they interact with foreigners is kind of like the way boys and girls interacted when we had dances in middle school. The boys gathered on one side of the room and the girls on the other. Friends, we’re no longer in middle school! It’s time to mingle. Quit hanging out in your comfort zone next to the guys from home. A European wonder usually won’t risk going through your gatekeepers to show you a fabulous time. Muster the courage to venture into the native-male territory. You will like what you find.


4. You’re Never A Loser When You’re Alone

Have you ever wanted to go out but your BFFs were being boring – aka just wanted to sit on their butts, eat potato chips, and star at the TV? This may seem unlikely when they are visiting Europe, but it happens. Not just once but several times when I was traveling, my girlfriends and I had exciting plans. Then at the last minute they got mesmerized by the tube and never made it off the couch. Refuse to let duddy travel companions ruin your fun. Realize that part of their problem is fear. It is much easier for them to live vicariously through someone else’s experiences on a TV show than to create their own excitement. Don’t let them drag you into this trap! Go it alone if you must – that is, during the day when it is safe to fly solo. Snack at a charming coffee shop, visit the hippest shopping center, or relax at a beautiful beach.


5. Use Getting Lost To Your Advantage

Do you suffer from directional dyslexia? If so, turn this weakness into a man-meeting strength. When you are lost in Europe don’t ask the kind elderly lady or police officer for help – that is unless the latter is single and has a great personality. Instead, approach the most appealing male native. European gentleman, are usually happy to help a damsel in distress. Getting lost is a great excuse to grab their attention. And if your case of directional dyslexia is as severe as mine, you will get top opportunities practically every day.


6. Let Go of Bad Boyfriends Before Boarding the Plane

“If you’re going to Europe be prepared to break-up with your boyfriend if he is less than prime,” says Katherine. “Of course, I don’t advise breaking up with a guy from home if he is truly Prince Charming; however, if a girl knows her boyfriend isn’t right, she should fearlessly take a hiatus from the relationship before traveling abroad. Europe is most definitely the single girl’s paradise. And if you go through a break-up, don’t go for psychiatrists, meds, or manicures – book a trip to Europe!”


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