7 Things to Do Before Starting a Weight-Loss Program


I want to clarify from the start that by weight-loss program I don’t mean something you do for a few weeks or even a few months. I mean a change of lifestyle that allows you to lose excess weight in a healthy way, keep it off and in process create a healthier, stronger you. Change is a process, and there are many obstacles that you as a new dieter need to anticipate. I hope my list will help you to avoid the major ones!

1) Do not start a diet you cannot stay on for the rest of your life.

Anything that sounds like a grape-fruit diet, cabbage soup diet, or any other miracle diet that promises speedy weight loss, is not something you can live on longer than a few days without serious damage to your health-it should not even be considered. You are after long term results, not a one-week water-weight loss “miracle”.

2) Assure support from your family, friends or roommates

A lot in our routines revolves around the kitchen, so change in this area can upset the balance in your normal routines. Make sure that people around you are aware of and support the changes you are trying to make. They ought to be willing and able to accommodate the necessary changes in quality, quantity and timing of the meals that you will have to make!

3) Assure your environment supports your change of lifestyle – clean up your fridge and cupboard and stock good food to eat!

Staying on track with good food and portions in today’s world is hard. Everybody and their third cousin is trying to feed you junk food, and lots of it! Your home should be a safe escape from all temptations. When I come down to my kitchen for a snack, I know I won’t find a pint of ice-cream in the freezer, or cookie-jar filled to the brim with sugary stuff. You need to make as sure as possible that your kitchen is “safe” as well!

4) When eating out in a restaurant, prepare in advance.

Once you think you have figured out how to eat at home, you can start experimenting with eating out while staying within your diet. To make sure you do that, call the restaurant ahead of time to find out if they offer food that won’t thwart your weight-loss progress, or go on-line to check the menu. Some restaurants even offer calorie information on their menus; I predict they are the ones that will stay in the business for years to come! Whenever you can, influence the choice of restaurant so you don’t have to eat house salad all the time!

5) Make sure that the diet you are embarking on is affordable.

You see advertisements for savory and healthy food delivered daily to your door. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? No mess, no shopping, and seemingly affordable. But over time, all people I know who opted for this kind of arrangement, found it too expensive or too impractical. Moreover, during the time they were using the service they did not learn how to control the portions, how to prepare the food, or even what goes into the food they were eating. Left on their own, they had to struggle again to maintain the weight loss and to learn what to buy, how much and how to cook it. You have to be in charge of your nutrition, you have to be actively involved to achieve results!

6) Get science behind you – talk to a doctor, nutritionist and read a book!

It is always great to consult a medical professional before embarking on a new regimen. Whether you are starting a new exercise program or changing the way you eat, knowing things about your health-such as thyroid function, blood sugar, or food allergies, may have direct impact on your metabolism and taking appropriate medications or actions can greatly improve it!

7) Find a support group to help you stay motivated and learn new ways of eating and exercising

Changing habit is not an easy undertaking. While trying to lose weight, we all go through ups and downs, hit the hidden reefs and stray off the path. Having a support group of positive open-minded fellow-dieter can helps you stay committed, find solutions to roadblocks and keep motivated! Be encouraged by people you trust who had success and encourage others when you succeed! It is immensely rewarding!

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