7 Top Fat Burners – Free or Cheap Things You Can Do To Burn Fat Faster


Have a vacation coming up for which you need to lose a few pounds? Or, maybe you are ready to make a complete lifestyle change in order to look and feel healthier, in part by losing weight.

There are several free or cheap things you can do right now to burn away the fat more faster. Regardless of the diet or exercise plan you are already on, integrate these into your lifestyle and you will burn fat even faster.

If you want to burn more fat, here are 7 top fat burners that you can use to burn fat now:

1. Walk, jog or climb stairs 20 minutes per day:

Everybody knows that doing cardiovascular workouts is a good idea. It’s great for your heart, but doing so also burns fat. Just doing 20 minutes or more per day of walking, jogging or climbing stairs can help you lose body fat – not only when you are exercising, but when at rest as well.

2. Drink ice water:

You already know that water is good for you. But, did you know that drinking ice water forces your body to burn more calories just to process it? The low temperature of the water makes your body work harder, helping you to shed the pounds.

3. Eat sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are not only delicious, but they also require your body to burn more calories (fat) in order to digest it than most other foods. Bonus: they have a low glycemic index, meaning they take a long time to turn into sugar in your body.

4. Eat hot salsas and peppers:

Eating hot salsas, chili peppers, and cayenne pepper have all been shown by Oxford researchers to increase your 24-your basal metabolic rate so that you can burn up to 25 extra calories per day. Nice!

5. Drink green tea:

Green tea is a popular drink in Asia and is becoming more popular almost everywhere else.  The good news is: green tea has fat-burning properties. Try to drink at least 3 cups per day for full effect.

6. Use dumbbells to build up your muscles:

Muscle burns more calories than does fat. If you want to burn more fat, build up your muscles. Buy an inexpensive set of dumbbells – or just do lots of pushups and pull-ups at home. The more muscular you become, the faster you will burn fat even when you are sitting still.

7. Whole organic milk:

Milk contains calcium, which is great for helping your body to break down the fat in your cells. And, getting your calcium directly from dairy products (rather than supplements) is the best way.

Try these 7 top fat burners and watch the pounds melt away faster than ever.

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