7 Ways to Lose Stomach Fat, Lose Weight AND Get Sexy Abs


OK, we are interested in ways to help you either lose stomach fat, lose weight and/or get sexy abs. Now, if you want FAST results, you will need to know some important things. First of all, what is it that people are doing that is counter-productive?

In other words, what to AVOID:

Traditional exercise – PROBLEM: Only burns fat while you do it, and NOBODY wants to exercise for 6 hours per day. This method will also destroy your metabolism and leave you with more fat when you’re older.
Diets – PROBLEM: Going on a diet is a temporary change in eating habits and is USUALLY ill-informed. Most diets are really bad for your body which means you will have more trouble with them all your life. Fad diets are NEVER the answer to help you lose weight or lose stomach fat and so will NOT help you get sexy abs.
Ab exercises – PROBLEM: There are a LOT of abdominal exercises that can actually cause injuries. You should be careful when choosing an ab workout program. The other problem with this is that abdominal exercise will NOT help you lose stomach fat much at all. In fact, it might make your belly look bigger!
Hormonal/parasitic problems – PROBLEM: Most people have some form of hormonal imbalance which will STOP THEM from losing weight and getting sexy abs. Parasitic infections are also common and sneaky (often undetected). You need to get rid of these problems.

7 Tips to lose stomach fat, lose weight and get sexy abs

1. Drink more water
2. Choose to change certain things about your diet permanently
3. Remove parasites from your system
4. Balance your hormones so that you are NOT estrogen dominant
5. Find the right abdominal exercise program
6. Do High intensity, full-body weighted cardio sessions
7. Think positive! Don’t let other people stop you from reaching your goal

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