8 Diet To Lose Belly Fat

.tags Losing belly fat naturally can be done without the use of diet pills. Your body is designed in fact, to lose belly fat naturally. You plan your diet. Here is a brief and to the point guidelines on diet to lose belly fat.

1. Our body is not designed to digest different types of processed or junk foods, hence eventually this toxic residue chokes up our bowels and starts releasing toxins into our system. Therefore, one of the fastest way to lose belly fat is to cleanse the body by following a detox diet to flush out the toxins that slowly get accumulated in the blood.

2. Eat more vegetables. While vegetables do have some carbs, they are the good kind, and much of the nutrients and fiber you need for your body to function properly come from vegetables. Focus on eating the dark green leafy types. Avoid those with higher glycemic values such as corn.

3. For other meals including supper, eat vegetables, low amounts of carbohydrate and protein. Egg, lean meat, fish, etc are good sources of proteins. Eat them. It is also beneficial to eat six small meals a day than three big meals. This helps in metabolism, helpful to lose belly fat.

4. Drinking water- filtered water is the best to drink, if you are relying on drinks like soda even if it is diet does affect both health and fat loss. Artificial sweeteners confuse to brain to think it’s sugar and can trigger cravings. Additionally,caffeine can lead to fatigue and GI tract problems.

5. One of the most prominent cause for obesity and stomach weight is acidic residue caused due to improper, unhealthy diet. Hence to maintain the pH level or alkaline balance in the body one should try to follow an alkaline diet comprising more of fruits and vegetables.

6. Eat complex carbs in moderation. You can eat bread and pasta, but choose whole grain versions (the word “whole” should be on the label. Multigrain doesn’t mean whole grain was used). These have complex carbs that add important fiber to your diet and are digested differently than the “bad” carbs.

7. Use spices like cayenne pepper, black pepper, cilantro, fennel, garlic, cinnamon, curry leaves, etc in your cooking. Do buy lots of apple, apricot, carrot, etc whenever you go shopping. Most importantly, take those items as part of your diet plan. Apple, strawberries, avocadoes, etc are helpful in your quest to trimmer waistline.

8. Fiber rich foods- broccoli and green beans are the perfect fiber foods. Fibrous rich foods will help your body lose fat and regulate you body.

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