8 Hair Loss Natural Remedies Worth Considering

.tags Prevention of hair loss in women is a continuous activity and once you have learned the techniques to prevent its occurrence, you will rarely be bothered by this condition again. The best homemade remedies for hair loss can be found in your kitchen or as close as the local grocery store. Natural products are an effective way to prevent hair loss and encourage healthy growth.

1. The first and most obvious female hair loss prevention tips is to take good care of your hair. Avoid excessive use of hair curlers, hair straighteners, hair irons, hair dyes and other such potentially harmful products. Using too much of these products too often can lead to a lot of serious repercussions, that are entirely avoidable.

2. For a treatment that will clarify the scalp and encourage new hair growth, apply olive oil to the scalp before bed. Cover the head with a shower cap, allow the oil to soak into the skin overnight and wash hair as usual in the morning.

3. 2 very powerful natural remedies for hair loss are Zinc and Vitamin B6. Just by taking zinc, studies have shown that it slows down the causes in the body which contribute to hair loss. When zinc is taken with vitamin B6, it has produced very good results in trials on real bald suffering men and women by slowing down hair reduction by up to 90%. Vitamin B6 is most powerful when it is taken daily in a dose of 100mg. If you take more than 500mg per day, the vitamin b6 can cause damage to the nerves. And too much of the Zinc will make you ill so don’t believe that more is always best.

4. Perhaps the most widely known herb used in the treatment of balding and thinning hair is saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is used in naturopathic medicine for male prostate problems and loss of hair. While this seems to be an odd combination what we do know is that saw palmetto supplementation is able to either block or moderate the production of the hair loss hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a very important finding due to the fact that at least eight out of every ten cases of balding and thinning hair is caused by this androgen hormone.

5. Many women have a tendency of stretching their hair very tightly in order to braid it, or to tie it. This is another cause of hair loss and it can easily be stopped. Women hair loss prevention is more successful if tightly stretched braids are avoided.

6. Massage flaxseed oil into the scalp for 5 minutes using circular motions. After the massage, allow oil to stay on the scalp for an additional 30 minutes. Wash hair as usual when time is complete.

Flaxseed oil stimulates the hair follicles by increasing circulation and blood flow in the scalp. Flaxseed oil is also rich in vitamin E, which helps repair damage to the scalp.

7. Herbal extracts such as Saw Palmetto are also worth a good look. It reduces the hormones which can cause hair loss and goes right into the cell membranes to help stimulate growth. There are hardly any side effects with this herb. Studies have not been extensive on this herb but it is good to use it with a vitamin such as the B6.

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