8 Herbal Remedies For Hair Loss

.tags Approximately 60 million people in the United States are suffering from hair loss, with the majority being men. It has been found that more then 50% of men over the age of 50 suffer from hair loss. If your hair loss has you at a loss because you don’t like the idea of the potential side effects which can accompany the use of Rogaine or Propecia, think about turning your attention to the better-known herbal remedies for hair loss.

1. Proper hair care is essential to beat the hair loss problem. Cleaning your hair regularly with good hair care products is the most important step to combating hair loss. Do not punish your hair by yanking it with a towel when it is wet or by overusing the blow dryer. Use a good quality hair brush to gently comb your hair. Chemicals from dyes, gels and hair colors can wreak havoc to your hair, inflame the scalp and result in constant hair loss. Regular hair trimming and avoiding flat irons, hair rollers and curlers are some of the simplest natural hair loss prevention tips.

2. Those who have used aromatherapy swear by its effects. Oils from bay, jojoba, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and grapefruit are believed not only to arrest hair loss, but promote hair growth as well. For best results, these oils should be rubbed onto the scalp and then left for some time to be absorbed, before washing off.

3. Daily application of the juice of green coriander leaves, also known as cilantro, is also beneficial to hair loss. Juice cilantro by using an efficient juicer that will not only crush the vegetable and press it firmly enough to juice it.

4. This is actually an ingredient often infused in hair-growing shampoos and mane products. It is effective because it contains silica. Silica is necessary to make the strands of your hair stronger, shinier and sleeker. Hair fall also happens due to weak strands. It can get damaged easily through combing and mane styling. Get horsetail and then steep it in boiling water. You can steep about 2 tablespoons of horsetail in 4 ounces of hot water. After steeping, add the mixture to baby shampoo.

5. Massaging your scalp with aloe vera gel or coconut milk and rinsing it off after half an hour with lukewarm water is a great natural hair loss treatment.

6. Acupressure and acupuncture are Oriental ways of treating disorders. These forms of treatment are holistic in nature, that is they bring about improvement in the overall health of an individual. While some practitioners claim to have stopped hair loss by specifically treating hair related problems, others say that hair growth is promoted while treating their patients for other ailments as well. These forms of treatment work on the logic that by harmonizing the flow of opposite energies, the yin and the yan, all the disorders of the body can be cured.

7. Boil 250 milliliters of mustard oil in a tin basin. Gradually drop 60 grams of henna leaves in the boiling oil till they are burnt in the oil. Filter the oil using a cloth and store it. Massage the scalp regularly with the oil to promote healthy growth of hair.

8. This can be taken as a pill. It works in solving tress problems of men. Men usually experience tress loss due to prostate problems. If prostate gland is not working properly, it releases a lot of DHT. This is a kind of hormone found in men. This hormone stays in the pores of your scalp. It prevents the growth of new hair. By using saw palmetto, you are improving the functions of your prostate.

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