8 Homemade Acne Treatments


When the point comes of treating acne lesions, everybody wants a silver bullet that has the ability of solving the problem in no time. No doubt there must be an acne treatment that suits your skin type and skin condition. However it is important to remember there are few simple things that must be done to reduce the severity of skin condition.

As we know that acne breakout is caused by the clogged or infected skin pore. Our body tries to fight against this infection; the result of this battle is an ugly zit. In this battleground our aim should be to give the body each possible benefit.

Acne can breakout ant any age. The treatment of particular acne needs a visit to the dermatologist. However here are some common yet effective acne natural remedies that can be tried first.

–One must keep his skin of face clean. This is an important step. One must make sure to use the mild soap or some gentle antiseptic face wash. One must be very gentle with his skin as the dryness or breaking of skin can cause a worse acne breakout and may result in acne scars.

–Try to keep the pillow covers fresh and clean. The oil of face and hair can transfer on pillow cover and may irritate the acne affected area.

–Wash your hair often. This becomes even more important if the hair is oily. Try to keep this hair oil away from skin as this will help to clear the clogged pores.

–Follow a nutritious diet regime to keep the skin healthy. Take some multivitamin tablet to ensure that you get all the essential nutrients.

–Carrots or any other source of vitamin strengthen the skin tissue and aid to prevent acne.

–Water aids the body to flush away waste matter from body. Seven to eight glasses are enough for this.

–One must avoid the excessive use of make up, specifically the oil based make-ups. The attempts should be made to clear and unblock skin pores of all oils and make them to breath.

–Use some exfoliating cleanser. These cleansing agents aid to peel the outer skin surface and open the pores.

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