9 Things I Learned About Fashion as a 30-Something

9 Things I Learned About Fashion as a 30-Something
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The older you are, the “rules” seems more applicable when it comes to fashion. People have a lot of opinions about what is and is not suitable for women of a certain age, and it really gets going when you hit 30, when something goes in 20 years are the golden years. However, after reaching 30 in the new age group of fear, where everyone has an opinion. But the question is how this advice, which I asked for is not very useful? Personally, I do not think there are many. Thus, instead of the usual rules, I share what I have learned about dressing my imperfect body is 32 years old, and why these checklists are not for everyone!

1: There’s No Such Thing as a Rule Unless You Want There to Be One

2: Everyone Thinks You Need Certain Things, but That’s a Load of Rubbish

3: You Don’t Have to Dress Older Just Because You’re Getting Older

4: Shopping Alone Is One of Life’s Great Joys

5: A Wardrobe Detox Can Work Wonders

6: Fabrics Matter a Lot More Than You Think

7: You Can Wear What You Want, but You Can’t Change Other People’s Opinions

8: The Biggest Dictator of Your Style Is Your Lifestyle

9: We’re Not All Jennifer Aniston (and That’s Fine)

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