98% Email Open Rate?? (5 Email Marketing Tips)

98% Email Open Rate?? (5 Email Marketing Tips)

http://influencenetworker.com/email-tips/ | 98% Email Open Rate?? 5 Email Marketing Tips

1: make it personal and care (1:22)
2: pretend to write to your best friend, use an avatar (3:20)
3: relevant headlines, don’t try to hard (5:48)
4: segmenting your list (10:00)
5: be consistent (11:45)

98% email open rate is not at all typical… On average I get more like 48 to 65% open rates… though I do have several emails with 70 to 80% open rates…

Those are impressive numbers, I don’t care who you are… and in this video, I’m going to openly share a few tips on how I was able to achieve this…


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