A Beautiful Second Life

.tags Every woman wishes to have full and shapely breasts. But not everyone is born perfect. While some women have small breasts, some have asymmetrical breasts. Time and age are also factors which cause breasts to lose shape and volume and they begin to sag.
Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure by which women can regain the lost shape of their breasts or correct these faults. While these are not such big issues, it is true that beautiful breasts enhance the body’s shape and boost self-confidence. The procedure uses breast implants to increase a woman’s breast size, also giving them a curvy look.
Thousands of women undergo breast augmentation without any major complications but like any other surgery, this also carries a certain degree of risk. There are potential complications and it is best to discuss the pros and cons of the procedure before the surgery. Also, it is always best to tell your surgeon your medical history. This will enable him/her to guide you best, advising about the medications to be taken or avoided and the diet and instructions to be followed to minimize the risk of the surgery. Pre-operation instructions need to be followed to ensure the best possible results.
There is always some degree of soreness after any surgery. Breast enhancement is no different. This can be controlled by taking pain medications. The first few days after the surgery will require you to wear a gauze and support bra. Walking around is also necessary to prevent clots in the legs. Everyone has their own recovery pace.
The main thing to remember is that don’t go in for breast enhancement with unrealistic hopes. It is a procedure which gives pleasing results but the implants are not permanent. With time and age and other factors such as weight fluctuations, the size, shape and position of even the enhanced breasts can change. However, most procedures result in beautiful, firm breasts.
Just be frank with your surgeon. Tell him/her about any medical condition you may have in the present or have had in the past which could affect the outcome; your current medication regime; your past surgeries, any cancer history and mammogram results.

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