A Brief Introduction to Windsor, Berkshire

By James F Clay on 2017-08-24 13:26:06

Best known for the royal residence, the Windsor castle, the town of Windsor is a moderately sized place with a population of under thirty-thousand. Located in the county of Berkshire in the centre of Southern England, it has become a busy and popular tourist destination. It is only twenty-one miles from Charing Cross and just south of the river Thames. The area of Windsor and around is home to some of the most prestigious residences in the countryside.

Although there is little known about the earliest history of the town, it is certain that a settlement existed there long before the castle was built. The first mention of the town came in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. During the Tudor periods and later, the town went into decline for a while until 1779 when royal presence returned to the area. This prompted a new era of redevelopment of the castle and the surrounding area and breathed new life into the town.

Because of this, today, most of the town centre dates from the middle of the nineteenth century when the town was largely redeveloped and expanded. The main street, however, is still extremely ancient and is much older than the castle itself.

Mostly because of Windsor castle, the area is well known for its tourism and attractions. Because of this and the presence of the royal family, Windsor has an abundance of facilities including numerous hotels to suit all different budgets, two train stations and a theatre. The town is also home to the famous Lego land, a popular attraction for families. Windsor is currently amongst the top twenty most visited place in the UK.

Other than members of the royal family who reside there at times, other famous people who come from or have lived in the town include Michael Caine who eventually sold his house to Jimmy Page of the band Led Zeppelin.

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