A community dinner in Christmas


On December 25, a community dinner will be hold by Cate Trueman at Bridgewater’s high school. According to Ms Trueman, who graduated from Acadia University in Wolfville and specialized in studying recreation management and community development, it is a chance for citizens to gather and have dinner together.


She said that she could not know who would join in the party but she really wanted to do something for everyone. This idea appeared in Trueman and her friend Brian Braganza last Christmas. They made a decision to talk to the people who often host community Christmas Day dinners in Lunenburg and Tatamagouche. After that, a meeting was held Bridgewater in late October to know whether local people concern this activity or not.


It was surprising that there were thirty-five people taking part in the community dinner with their own reasons. Some people wanted to share the atmosphere of Christmas with others while some had family and wanted to find new feelings in Christmas holiday.


Up to now, Ms. Trueman has more than 140 volunteers who are willing to take part in community activities. She said in a happy voice that it was the enthusiasm of volunteers that made this activity larger and larger in size and quality. They are planning hold a community dinner for 400 people this year Christmas.


The volunteers are very diverse including children, teenagers, adults and seniors. They are different in background, age, reasons joining in dinner, however, they share a common thing is that they want to help build a more joyful community.


There were 4 main parts that needed to be planned before Christmas. It is necessary that the dinner were a celebration of community consisting of presenting gifts to the community as well as being a green event.


Katimavik and the volunteers will bring children a place to play with live music, real dishes. To avoid waste, over food and donations will be brought to Inn from the Cold. It is a program in which local churches open door to the homeless overnight during the winter.


Until now, the community dinner has been received the support from more than 30 Bridgewater businesses. Local farmers and community organizations donated 91 kilograms of turkey and R. A. Corkum Funeral Home in  Bridgewater also helped organizers with 182 kilograms of turkey. Besides, sixty-eight kilograms of potatoes and turnip, peas and carrots were provided for the dinner. The volunteers will try to make the menu of the dinner more various including vegetarian, diabetic, gluten-free and lactose-free meals so that people who show up can feel the warmth of love in the coldness of winter.


Plus, many people used to cook at large events are ready to help. Moreover, the chef at the Cheesecake Gallery in Mahone Bay will come to help prepare the turkeys.


Furthermore, Ms. Trueman highlighted that the community dinner would not a charity event, but a chance for everyone to celebrate and share Christmas Day together.


The dinner begins at 1 p.m. Tickets are free and are available by calling Ms. Trueman at 530-5945. ( bware@herald.ca)


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