A Dallas Internet Marketing Consultant Guide To High Yield Marketing

.tags Aiming for the perfect mix of high-yield and low-yield marketing with the expertise of a Dallas Internet marketing consultant will help you maximize your online presence and obtain good conversion rates for your business. The best mix is not just a mish-mash of these two kinds of marketing for the Web, but one that you may have to arrive at with a bit of testing and trial-and-error before you achieve an overall strategy that works well for you and your websites. However, you will need to know the difference between the two before establishing a new plan or rebuilding your old strategy.

High-yield Internet marketing methods are essentially the things the marketer does to immediately generate results (such as building a relationship with readers, users clicking on your links, or signing up for an e-mail subscription from you), as well as bringing you a comparatively quick return on your investment compared to low-yield methods. These methods include:

– Writing content for your official business website, company blogs, and social media accounts (not article distribution sites or affiliate marketing sites)
– Producing articles or other copy for your e-mail subscription list
– Honing the sequences for you autoresponder program (the program that automatically sends promotional messages to people subscribed to your e-mail list)
– Filming video clips about your company or product and service offerings for free viewing
– Developing image content and PDFs about what your company sells
– Writing direct sales copy
– Promoting new content you have uploaded to social media venues such as Facebook or Twitter
– Communicating with the members of your Internet marketing team

High-yield activities may also be identified by this characteristic: they do not have to be accomplished on a set date or day, although they will have to be produced regularly for your overall marketing plan to be successful. For example, writing sales letters and copy for e-mail correspondence may be put aside for a day or more, but will have to be sent out eventually. In a nutshell, accomplishing these activities consistently and regularly will generate the best results: faster ROI through more conversions that stem from more leads, and a better business relationship that equates to your desired responses from the market. These activities, supplemented by the right amount of low-yield methods that indirectly contribute to your company profit margin (and backup your high-yield activities) may be tweaked and identified for optimal Dallas Internet marketing success.

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