A guide to Perfume And Cologne


Have you ever come across words when buying a bottle of perfume and wondered what they meant? If this is the case then you are in luck as here we have the definitive guide to understanding perfume!

First of all, you may have heard of words such as cologne, parfum, eau de toilette and many more. These are all fragrances that you can wear but they all have slight differences which make them different from each other.

The first type of fragrance that you can buy and the one that is designed to be used all over the body and therefore has less of a fragrant content is called a splash. This will contain more in the way of alcohol and water than your average bottle of perfume and because it is meant to be used all over the body will not smell as strong as one either.

Eau de cologne is another type of fragrance that you might have come across and this contains a weak concentration of around 3 percent scent in a base made of mainly water. Again this will smell less than a bottle of perfume.

Eau de toilette is one of the most commonly found fragrances that is worn and the base will be either water or alcohol with a scent ration of around 3 to 8 percent and will smell fairly strong and also last for longer, more than eau de cologne anyway but it will be less than parfum or perfume.

Eau de parfum, parfum being the French word for perfume will again have an alcohol base but will contain more in the way of scent ingredients, usually around 10 to 15 percent. This then leads up to parfum or perfume by itself which generally has an alcohol base with the highest concentration of scent ingredients alongside it.

Occasionally it can be noted that there is no difference in scent or fragrance content between eau de toilette and eau de cologne but it is always best to check this.


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