A HostGator Web Hosting Service Review


Ask any webmaster if hosting is important and your answer will definitely be “yes”. Good hosting is always at the core of a successful website. After all, if your virtual guests cannot access your website as soon as they click on your link, how long do you think that they are going to stay around and wait for it. In my experience, the answer is “not long”. That is why hosting is so important. Your website has to be able to feed your content to your guests on their terms, not the terms of your hosting service.

This article is a comprehensive review of HostGator Hosting Services. As a budding young webmaster, money was tight as it usually is for budding young webmasters. As is commonly the case, I was looking to save money in any way I could. Purchasing a domain name was unavoidable, but I felt that I could save money on hosting because of the fact that there are several hosting services that off free hosting that offer advanced functionality such as PHP and MySQL support.

My experience with free hosting. I was very happy over the fact that I was not spending money on hosting. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned, right? Not exactly. Here were some of the problems that I ran in to. First of all, there was a severe limit on the amount of hard drive space that I could use. This made it very difficult to host files on my server because of the fact that many of the necessary plug-ins required for today’s content management systems gobble up a large amount of disk space. Not much room was left over for files to say the least. The same went for MySQL disk space. The amount allotted was extremely small. My site was always down and I had trouble accessing my control panel daily. I could not send emails from my email address because that functionality was disabled. Free hosting was crippling my business. Then I found HostGator.

HostGator Review. I changed my hosting services to HostGator and purchased a spot on a shared server. Initially, because I was sharing the server with other webmasters, I was a little worried. But my worries soon melted away. From day one, the service at HostGator was excellent. I gave them my admin login information as well as my MySQL login information and they transferred my website and databases from my old hosting service to their servers for free.

If you are unfamiliar with the difficulties of transferring websites, you should try it, just so you can see how difficult it can be. Needless to say, the process was not problem free, but the HostGator live support worked with me for an hour solid via instant messaging to make sure all of the kinks were ironed out. Their service is phenomenal. For roughly five bucks per month, I get live support, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL disk space, full CPanel functionality, unlimited email addresses and too many other benefits to list here. I have been very happy with them and I have never experienced any down time, at least not than I am aware of. If you are looking to get hosting, I would definitely recommend HostGator. It is true, that a penny saved is a penny earned, but when it comes to hosting, unless you are with a reliable service, a penny saved may very well be five pennies never earned.


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