A Learning Leader’s Guide to Cohesive Content Curation

A Learning Leader’s Guide to Cohesive Content Curation

Until recently, we rarely heard about curation outside the context of museum collections, yet nowadays it seems like everyone is a curator—bloggers, retailers, even foodies. While the notion of a curated snack bar borders on the absurd, the advent of curation in a learning & development environment actually makes perfect sense. Much of the time, information and content relevant to a given learning intervention already exists…it’s a matter of finding it, compiling it into a cohesive whole, and then incorporating it seamlessly into the larger L&D initiative.

Done right, learning curation can result in significant savings of time and cost, dramatically reducing design and development needs. Of course, there are real challenges around curation, from ensuring the information is accurate and reliable, to design considerations around making the content interesting and relevant in varying contexts, as well as aligning the learning with specific objectives, audiences, and situations.

In this live, interactive webinar, Caveo Learning Senior Instructional Designer Robert Davis will examine how curation has revamped traditional instructional design concepts and how this trend complements both legacy and emerging learning technology platforms. Participants will learn how to:

– Identify and adapt quality content for use in specific learning contexts
– Implement a working model of creative curation for efficient and effective learning design
– Use emerging technologies like learning record stores and xAPI (Tin Can API) to organize content and track learning

Find out how learning curation can fit into your broader learning strategy.

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