A Simple Marketing Plan For Solo Professionals


Then read on and learn how create a simple marketing plan.

Effective marketing is the first step to growing your business as a solo professional or small business owner. Yet, you hear so much that you truly do not know what are the most effective marketing strategies and how do you manage your marketing efforts.

Have you ever been amazed by all the people who purchased those black and yellow books that are directed to those who are not very bright? Many people realize that they have limitations and these books acknowledge those limitations and help them work through those limitations. The end result is pretty cool.

A simple marketing plan for solo professionals should be simple. That means it should be on one page of 8-1/2 x 11 paper. Also, this one page simple marketing plan should be easy to read and with one glance the business executive can see the results from their marketing activities.

The one page simple marketing plan should contain these key components:


Calendar Date
Company’s Name
Values Statement
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Tag Line
Goal Category #1 – Internet Website
Goal Category #2 – Networking
Goal Category #3 – Tradeshows
Goal Category #4 – Direct Mail
Goal Category #5 – Paid Advertising
Goal Category #6 – Promotional Items
Top 4 Goals for each Goal Category
Target dates and completion dates for all goals
Goal Statements are written using W.A.Y. S.M.A.R.T. goal criteria


Effective marketing can be achieved by all including we solo professionals who are truly experts in our respective fields, but just need a little help with letting other know about us.

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