A Travel to Gradana

By George Marinakis on 2013-05-28 09:20:10

When your flight land at Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaen airport, it means that you are brought 15 kilometers closer to the capital of the province, Granada. Before enjoying yourself in a colorful world of cultures, take a moment to feel the compelling aroma of the new land.


It’s time to start your journey to our prime destination. There’s a variety of transportation to take you to The Alhambra. For the budget conscious, there are cheap rent-a-cars at Granada airport. The drivers are friendly and they will surely entertain you with humorous stories along the way. There’s nothing like a local to make you feel welcome and give insider tips.


If you’re a fan of Debussy, then you must have known his inspiration for “La Porte du Vin”. It’s no other than the impressive wine gate fronting The Alhambra. Built in the mid 14th century, it has become the very embodiment of Islamic architecture and is revered by the locals as well as all those who have beheld its majestic beauty. The entire palace complex is a complicated medley of art forms. One cannot miss the intricate beauty of the arabesques, a motif favored by Muslims because it symbolizes the infinite.


Nasrid Palace


The Mocarabe or stalactite arch is predominantly used during the Nasrid dynasty. You can see this particular style everywhere in the Nasrid Palace. Its beauty precludes the breathtaking vistas afforded by the large bay windows throughout the palace.


In the heart of the Nasrid Palace lies the Court of the Lions. A great interest in the Fountain of the Lions, located here, has spawned a number of legends for it is quite uncommon to model Islamic art from the Old Testament. In this case, the twelve stone lions standing sentinel around the stone fountain was believed to have been inspired by the fountain of the Temple of Solomon.


Court of the Myrtles (Patio de los Arrayanes)


In the early times of Granada, water was usually scarce and precious. The pond within the Court of the Myrtles was kept full at all times, a difficult feat indeed. It was believed that if the water appears to never evaporate, then the leader may seem to be blessed spiritually. The court got its name from the myrtles growing along its sides.


Did you know that the name Alhambra came from the red clay it was built from? Nothing can be a more fitting testament to this than the sight the Alhambra presents during Sunset. Ask your driver to take you to the Mirador de San Nicolas. From here, you can view the entire palace complex. Bathed in the warm glow of the dying sun, but for a moment, the walls of The Alhambra glow more radiant than the sun itself. Once a witness, you will retain this memory for the rest of your life.


This unforgettable memory burrowing deep in your heart marks the end of your journey. It is time to climb back on your cost-effective rental car and let your driver bring you to Granada airport. Take a lingering glance and burn the precious memory in your mind.


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