A Visit To The Charming Town Of Cambridge

.tags The town of Cambridge in England oozes charm. You can spend hours upon hours strolling through its beautiful cobbled streets. As many of you reading this will know, Cambridge is Englands oldest University town. The University in Cambridge was formed in the year of 1209 when scholars met in the ancient Roman trading port of Cambridge in order to exchange ideas and study. Of course if you are taking a holiday in this charming town, you will probably want to stay in one of the charming Cambridge Hotels available. One that comes to mind is the Cambridge Doubletree Hilton. This is one of the Hotels in Cambridge which is situated just next to the idyllic River Cam. Of course what gives Cambridge its charm is not only its cobbled streets and beautiful buildings, but also its association with the ancient sport of punting.

The Cambridge Hilton,happens to be one of the Cambridge Hotels from where you can watch the sport of punting from the comfort of your hotel. If you are interested in carrying out this pastime for yourself the Visitors Information Centre has information regarding how you can go about hiring a boat. Alternatively, you can accompany a guide on the river. If you enjoy walking, then this is certainly a wonderful way to see the charms of Cambridge up close. There are a number of public guided walking tours to choose from or otherwise you can download a map or pod cast from the website of the Visitors Information Centre. If you would like to stay in one of the Hotels in Cambridge which is situated in close proximity to the town, then an ideal choice is the Cambridge Hilton. The Hotel also has the Riverside Brasserie where you can enjoy a relaxing evening meal, and the Twist bar where you can enjoy a drink.

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