Abs Workout Get Your Legs Up

.tags We all want an abs workout that will deliver us a great set of abdominals. Unfortunately, many of the most common exercises seem to miss one of the key areas of the abs, that being the lower abdominals.
For example neither Crunches nor Sit Ups give the lower abs a significant amount of work. If you really want a six-pack you need to also develop your lower abs.

Part of a complete fitness routine for abs will include one of more of the following exercises to target the lower abdominals:

Lying Leg Raises
Hanging Leg Raises
Alternating Standing Leg Raises
Lying Bicycle Kicks

A well rounded abs workout would look as follows:

Three sets of each of the following exercises for 20 repetitions each. Do one round of each of the following exercises, one exercise after the other. Take a 2 minute break and repeat:

Hanging Leg Raises
Crunches with a Twist
Lying Bicycle Kicks with a Twist

Another way to get a good lower abdominal workout is athletic movements that cause you to bring your legs or knees up high. In this way you can compound your cardio portion of your fitness routine into an abs workout as well, in addition to your traditional abdominal routine. For example, running on the spot while bringing up your knees as high as you are able, will give your lower abdominals a good workout as well as give you a great cardio session. You can step up the intensity of this cardio routine by skipping while running on the spot as was just described. You can increase the intensity even further by sprinting which causes you to raise your legs up as high and as fast as you possibly can. The higher the intensity, the more calories you are going to burn.

So make sure you have a well-rounded abs workout and make the most of your time by doing a cardio routine that will also continue to work your abs. Eat a well-balanced diet and pretty soon you will lose the excess weight that is hiding that soon-to-be great six-pack.

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