Acne Caused by Pregnancy


When you or your spouse gets pregnant, you start to wonder why the sudden outbreaks of acne on the face during the pregnancy period. Not to worry, this is perfectly normal and has been experience by women who have gone through the pregnancy stage.

The outbreak of acne is definitely not due to the failing of your immune system. It is more of the hormonal changes that occur during the pregnancy phases. Usually this outbreak does not last long and will be cleared after delivery or during the later stage of pregnancy.

Several pointers that you should take note when you are trying to deal with the acne while you are pregnant.

Avoid Medications

As different medications have different side effects for individuals, therefore during this period of time it is highly recommended that you should not take any forms of medication for acne. Certain acne medications contain Retinoic Acid which is bad for the development of the infants. Acid found in these medications can be a cause for miscarriage as well as birth defects.

For alternative solutions, you should try to look for anti-acne products that can be applied externally or other natural way of curing acne. There are many solutions to acne treatment without having to rely on medications and it might work well for you during the pregnancy stage.

Clearing up After Birth

The best thing about such acne outbreaks, it usually clears on its own after you give birth. As after giving birth, your hormones are returning to normal just like before you are pregnant. And the changes can be relatively fast and you can observe it from day to day. As one of the causes of acne is due to hormonal changes, in order to keep it balance you can source out for supplements that helps you stabilize your hormonal changes even after giving birth.

Even though acne during pregnancy can be cleared on its own after delivery, you might want to continue working on maintaining your skin in a healthy condition without having to rely on medications.

For non-medicated solutions on acne treatment, find out more with the links below.

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