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Psychiatry f Sidney I. Schwab, M.D., St. Louis.* ( E. E. Southard, M.D., Boston. Pediatrics …. S Alfred Friedlander, M.D., Cincinnati.* t Borden S. Veeder, M.D., St. Louis.*Geriatrics – I. L. Nascher, M.D., New York. Otology, Laryngology, and Speech J Wm B- Chamberlin, M.D., Cleveland. 1 Louis K. Guggenheim, M.D., St. Louis. Ophthalmology j j0HN Green, Jr., M.D., St. Louis. 1 Clifford B. Walker, M.D., Boston.Dermatology and Syphilography …… Walter J. Heimann, M.D., New York. Pathology and Bacteriology / Ralph L. Thompson, M.D., St. Louis. 1 Moyer S. Fleisher, M.D., St. Louis.Pathological Anatomy Douglas Symmers, M.D., New York. TUBERCULOTHERAPY j0HN B> Hawes> 2nd> M D., Boston. Roentgenology E. H. Skinner, M.D., Kansas City, Mo. * Absent on war service. PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY THE MODERN HOSPITAL PUBLISHING CO., Inc. BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL OFFICE. EASTERN OFFICE 58 East Washington Stree*. ! Madison Avenue, Chicago. . New York. 2 INTERSTATE MEDICAL JOURNAL—Advertisements

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ic Precision h I AHE exhaustive investigation into the thera-peutic properties of Fleischmanns Com-pressed Yeast, conducted under the direction of Dr.Philip B. Hawk at the Laboratory of PhysiologicalChemistry of Jefferson Medical College,The PhiladelphiaGeneral Hospital, and the Roosevelt Hospital, New York,conclusively demonstrated its value in the treatment offurunculosis, the acnes, constipation, and in certain othercutaneous and gastro-intestinal conditions. That yeast possesses remarkable curative propertieshas long been recognized by the medical profession. In Fleischmanns Compressed Yeast there is availablea valuable therapeutic agent in a form entirely obviatingthe objectionable features of yeast in other forms. Fleischmanns Compressed Yeast is a pure culture of the speciesSaccharomyces Cerevisiae; it is scrupulously protected in production andsubsequent treatment from contamination by wild yeast or other impurity;it is universally available, being sold in practically all groc

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