ADHD – Women and SSRI


SSRI stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These medications are used to control ADHD symptoms that either aren’t addressed by conventional stimulant medication or symptoms caused by conventional treatment. The use of these medications is becoming more and more common in the treatment of ADHD in women and includes names such as Zoloft, Luvox, Prozac, Lexapro, and Paxil. In this information article about ADHD, women, and SSRI I will be exploring three reasons why your doctor would be compelled to prescribe an SSRI anti-depressant in addition to a primary ADHD stimulant medication.
* Depression due to ADHD symptoms – Doctors are starting to come around to the possibility of ADHD in women but there are many women who have attempted to get help only to be told that they don’t fit the mold. This along with their now severe ADHD symptoms can lead to chronic depression. Ironically, once a woman is diagnosed and prescribed the appropriate stimulant medication her depression and ADHD symptoms will likely diminish. If a doctor does recognize ADHD and the prescribed stimulant medication alleviates many ADHD symptoms but induces depression a SSRI will likely be prescribed in addition to the primary stimulant medication.
* Jitteriness – A little talked about side effect of stimulants is something called the “rebound effect”. This phenomenon is seen in those using stimulants, quitting stimulant, or changing stimulant medications. The most common symptom is jitteriness. SSRI medications are used to smooth out many of the side effects of stimulant medications. The effectiveness of your stimulant medication combined with an SSRI will be dependent on the skill of your doctor.
* PMS and Menopause – Most women and some of their significant others are aware of the challenges associated with hormonal fluctuations. Hormonal changes only make ADHD symptoms worse and SSRI are often added to address such common symptoms as anxiety.
* Shop until I drop – Some experts believe that compulsive actions such as excessive shopping and overspending are often impulsivity associated with ADHD symptoms. There is no arguing that impulsive behavior can lead to serious problems, thus some form of treatment is probably necessary. Combining prescription stimulants with SSRI has proven effective in many women who are suspected of having impulsivity associated with ADHD symptoms. The SSRI most commonly prescribed in the area of compulsive behavior is Luvox.

In summary, many women face extreme challenges when it comes to ADHD. They may seek help and not get it or fail to get the right diagnosis or dosage to alleviate their ADHD symptoms. These are just a few of the reason why many women are seeking out alternative natural treatments such, as homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies for ADHD are very safe and effective in treating ADHD symptoms such as inattention, impulsivity, and erratic behavior. If you are looking for an alternative to prescription medications homeopathy may be an option worth investigating further.

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