Advanced English Phrases 6 – Personal Grooming and Hair Care – Speak English Naturally

Advanced English Phrases 6 – Personal Grooming and Hair Care – Speak English Naturally Start speaking fluent English clearly and confidently today with our complete 6 month Fluency Training video course! 🙂

Here’s a special lesson all about personal grooming and hair care !

In this lesson, learn many useful words and phrases you can use to talk about personal grooming, or when visiting a barber or hair salon:


close shave, five o’clock shadow

barcode, comb-over, rug, toupee, piece, receding hairline

good genes, attractive traits, you must have good genes

cowlick, colic

Do the clothes make the man, or does the man make the clothes? Does the woman make the dress, or does the dress make the woman?

tangles, bangs, split ends

facial hair

beard trimmer, trimmer, clippers

goatee, soul patch, stubble, mustache full beard, mutton chops, sideburns



beard oil

regular lotion, shampoo, conditioner

pre-shave oil, shaving gel, shaving foam, shaving lotion


gel, or a roll-on antiperspirant/deodorant

regular scissors, thinning scissors

clippers, trimmer

straight razor, safety razor, disposable razor, electric razor

What would you like us to do with your hair? Or, how would you like it done? Or, how would you like your hair cut? Or, what would you like us to do today? Or, what shall we do today? How would you like your hair styled or cut?

What do you do here? Or can you do X?

Don’t take too much off the sides. Fade it up.

a new do, or a new hairdo

Wow I like the new haircut! Did you get a haircut?

That’s a really nice look for you!

Did you do something different with your hair?

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