Advantages And Installation Of High Intensity Discharge Lighting System (HID)

{flickr|100|campaign} HID lighting may be new with some people who know little about electrical world of lighting. HID simply means High intensity Discharge lighting system. It is made up of double ballasts, bulb and starters which are the major effective components in the system. It must have made some surprised because of its sudden appearance in the lighting market, coming with its own complete and unique characteristics to replace the already existing headlight bulb. It has been designed to last longer with better lightning, easy to install and it has been confirmed to have outperformed any other competing lighting equipment in the market. It also ranked higher and probably a replacement to halogen lamps.


It is specifically designed for vehicles as a headlamp. They come with three different parts; a starter, ballast and the bulb. The starter takes the signal from the from vehicle engines for onward transmission to the ballast and t he ballast will send its signal to the HID bulb, while the bulb will complete the sequence by responding to the series of electrical pulses or signal from the starter by creating the light.


The major internal components of HID are gases, xenon and salts and therefore it does not have a filaments like other lighting system. When the bulb received power from the ballast and it will energise the gases, while the gases will create a white or coloured light output in return.


Advantages of HID lighten system:


Because of its high reflective capacity it enhances vehicle driver’s visibility and as a result accidents are minimised on the road because major road accidents are due to poor visibility. It also increases high road illumination from hundred feet, Because of the high illumination, it is useful in rainy seasons where illuminations are very poor.


The components are also designed to last longer than a conventional halogen bulbs, because breaking filaments due to road bumps or sudden collision are completely eliminated because HID has none.


HID lighting comes in different colours of white and blue and they comes in 6000 Kelvin and 9000 Kelvin, the Kelvin is the unit for measuring the temperature. Therefore the higher the temperature the bluer light output and a vehicle with a higher lighting output tends to be more secured and more attractive while driving at night.


Installation of HID lighten system


Installing HID kits are extremely simple and straight to the point. First to be done, is the laying out the components and finding a good mounting spot for both the ballast and starter. Be sure the wiring from the both of them are long enough, include the bulb, reaches without being too snug. Once you find a mounting spot, mount them securely into place. Be sure to fasten them well to the vehicle.


Now, remove the stock halogen bulb from the headlight housing and unplug the plug from it. Now take that plug and plug it into the starter you just mounted. Now plug the starter into the ballast. Next, carefully plug the new bulb into the headlight housing.


It should go in the same way the old one came out. Once securely fastened into place, with all rubber garments reconnected, plug the ballast into the bulb. You may have to adjust the headlights to make the light shine evenly. When you change bulbs, sometimes the adjustment can get off. Check your manual for information. That should be it, enjoy!


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