Advice On How To Make Good Pizza

.tags Learning how to make good pizza is a huge subject, and many books have been written on the art. Just about everyone loves pizza, and most people have a favourite place to go for pizza. It is quite nice to try to analyse your favourite kinds to see if you are able to work out exactly what has gone into them.

In general, the majority of pizzas start with a flat round homemade crust base. This is then topped with a tomato sauce with cheese on top. A huge variety of different toppings may be added, and the crusts can vary in thickness. Some may even be stuffed.

The secret has to be in the ingredients. If these are not good quality then it will never taste great. The pizza dough should be made from good quality flour. All purpose flour is fine for a thick crust, while artisan flour can make a nice change for a thin crust.

A tomato sauce is traditional, but it is nice to add some flavouring to it while cooking. Common ingredients to add include garlic, oregano, and freshly ground black pepper. Try something different by adding a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Pizza toppings are really down to individual preference. You may use a mixture of cheeses, or just mozzarella. Other cheeses to try include Monterey Jack, feta, goats cheese or Gorgonzola.

Meat pizzas are very indulgent, and you can put a huge range of meats on a pizza. You can try bacon, ham, chicken, sausage or beef. It is especially delicious if you use a few vegetables as well. Meat goes very well with bell peppers and mushrooms.

If you prefer vegetarian pizzas then you can be very inventive with the ingredients. You can put virtually anything on a pizza. You can use zucchini, eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. If you top it with some fresh basil then you will be in for a treat.

An alternative to savoury pizzas is to make one with a fresh fruit topping. This involves making a cookie crust with vanilla extract in the mix. The crust is baked then allowed to cool. It has a cream cheese topping which is spread over the cooled crust, and then finished with a layer of fresh fruit.

A pizza is best cooked in a very hot oven. If you have a pizza stone then place it in the oven to preheat before putting the dough onto the hot stone, and then the toppings. If you cook it this way then you should end up with a crispy base. Fresh basil leaves on the top always smell really lovely and give it a nice flavour. Once you have taken it out of the oven then try to slide it onto a wire rack to cool for a few minutes. This will help it to set, and also keep the base from becoming too soggy. Once you are ready to serve it, drizzle the surface very lightly with some extra virgin olive oil. If you prefer something a little hotter then try some chili oil for extra zing. M Its easy to learn how to make a good pizza, and its even easier to eat the results.

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