After care of short hair style

.tags Short hair cut has lot of advantages. Of course it must suit your life style. Now if a woman has to go to her workplace everyday in the morning then she has no better option than a short and simple hair cut. If a student has no time to spend extra bucks and extra time for her long hair cut and hair care then again this hairdo is favorite. Least hair maintenance is the pro factor. So, the short hair style that suits you and your life style can dramatically and drastically change the way you feel and you look. It boosts you’re your confidence, make you look younger and reduce the amount of money and time you spend on hair care.

Choosing the right short hair cut is partly technical and partly artistic. It is about the basic elements of balance, line and movement. So be sure which hair cut will look good and match your personality. Use consultation tools and virtual styling software to watch out the difference.

Discover the proper hair care products and styling tools for your scalp care and to ensure beautiful healthy hair. Proper care for scalp is very important for short hair style because everyone can watch your scalp. So wash your hair daily with shampoo and conditioner. Short hair needs extra care as its length is short and can not hide the dirt and dandruff as a long hair can do. Conditioner is must as everyone keeps open their short hair and therefore there is a strong possibility that the hair stink dirt and become rough. So, conditioner is must. But do not use a conditioner in the hair root. It makes hair weak. Always use this on the hair.

For reproducing hair style that is ‘fresh and formal’ and so much like the salon you can use various types of styling products like hairspray, mousse, volumizer, styling gel, paste, putty, pomade, finishing gloss, frizz and curl control products. Using these things you can give your hair a style very much like the salon.

Hair color is another important thing. Coloring depends on your complexion. Fair looking people can go for some bright color and dark complexioned people can use shades like dark brown, burgundy, copper. Sizzling shades, fiery red browns, red coppers are fashionable for highlighting. . Your hair style determines your color too. What will match with short curly hair style that may not go with long silky straight hair type. So it is advisable to consult your hair expert first time then you apply yourself. So decide what color you prefer for your short hair. Colors are great ways to update your look and choose the right one to have a exciting new appearance for every occasion.

Short hair cut is time saving and money saving too. If you have hardly any time to spend for your hair care then switch to short hair cut. But be care choosing a short hair style because it should match your personality, life style, hair thickness, hair texture and body shape. So please consult your hair dresser and pick the right one. One thing is also very important to look at. That is what type of hairdo you see in catalog or in any book is a result of enormous effort of a prominent fashion hair stylist. It is therefore not necessary that you will also get that exact look like the very model flaunting the hair cut which you want to have. So do not choose something that your stylist is not very sure about that. Pick a simple but happening cut which is your stylist’s also favorite cut.

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