After Engg, Mba Fizz Bursts

.tags After engineering colleges, now the MBA institutes are finding it difficult to get students. Even after state government’s decision not to conduct entrance examination for admission to management colleges, a staggering 6,000 seats are lying vacant across Maharashtra. This comes after 22,000 engineering seats remained vacant, an obvious consequence of the decision to grant permission to new colleges without taking into consideration the actual requirement.

TOI on October 16 reported about how the engineering colleges, especially new ones, had approached the Nagpur University for closing down some of the branches as they failed to get the students.

An official from directorate of technical education (DTE) said that all efforts by the government to fill up the vacant seats in the colleges belonging to politicians, ministers and legislators by relaxing even the CET norms for admission failed. Prior to relaxation in CET, nearly 10,000 seats were lying vacant pushing majority of the new colleges on the verge of shut down. Even after all concessions, a whopping 6,000 seats remained vacant after the last date of admissionSeptember 25 expired. Maharashtra has 366 colleges with approximately 25,000 seats.

Technical education director Subhash Mahajan though attributed this to the opening of more number of colleges, the fact remains that the popularity of management courses in the state has gone down. Same is the case with other universities across the state too.

Head of NU’s management department Vinayak Deshpande attributed the trend to commercialisation of education. “As the number of private colleges increases, seats get multiplied. However, the student-seat ration was not taken into consideration before approving new colleges. In addition to this, students from neighbouring states too have stopped coming over as new colleges have come up in their respective states.”

He added that even the AICTE had granted permission for second shift to many colleges and additional courses which led to a surge in the capacity. “Last year, due to recession many seats were filled up as jobs were scare. But this year, even the graduates, especially from engineering faculty are preferring jobs. Students are preferring to move over to metro cities as new colleges are opening there too.”

Former management council member Baban Taywade said the trend is prevalent in all faculties. “Be it MBA or engineering, pharmacy or even BBA, BCCA and BCA. Vacancies exist in all faculties. The primary reason is increase in number of colleges and seats.” He, however, insisted that the popularity of the course had not declined. “Colleges offering quality will always survive,” he said.

However the academicians stated that this was well-predicted. Even after conducting second CET on September 4 at Ambedkar College and CIBMRD, the seats were not filled up. Moreover, delay in NU exams and the results led to less number of students pursuing MBA.

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