Aftershave – Pre-shave guidelines & Best shaving practice


Regular shaving is commonly practiced by fashionable men in the society for a loner period of time. But shaving with a razor over and over with the sharp metallic edges of the blade ruffling up the soft and sensitive facial skin often causes some kind of irritation for the men. Since shaving is done often with warm or lukewarm water, the nicks of razors causes opening up of pores and even bleeding from wounds. Wounds and razor burns often attract bacterial formations around those cuts. Therefore to avoid infections from cuts and wounds, men indulge in the usage of aftershave products, although a few many stick to alum still.

It is a must to have a clean face when shaving. A dirty face among other things is a cause for ingrown hairs, infections and rashes or “shaving bumps”. To prevent this, a good face wash can be used often.

In order to avoid the bumping and irritation caused from rushed shaving, and attract ladies too from the suave look that smells the right way, there can be some rules or stepping as listed in the followings –

One will require some pre-shaving oil, a razor, soap or foam and lukewarm water, towel and an aftershave.

Step One: Apply the pre-shaving oil on the beard or the facial. Wait for sometime and then apply the shaving cream or the foam based soap on the face.

Step Two: Shave carefully with longitudinal straight and small diagonal strokes. It is wise to avoid reverse strokes and repeated rubbing of the razor as this may cause razor burns easily.

Step Three: Rinse the face well with cold water as the warmth of water has opened or semi-opened the pores on the face by pulling out the small facial hairs. The coldness water helps in closing those pores, clotting the blood from any cuts or wounds etc.

Step Four: Clean dry the face of water with the given towel by gently pressing on the facial screen. It I advisable to refrain from any rubbing of the skin by the towel as this may cause burning sensation or irritations on the already sensitive skin.

Step Five: Take a little drop of aftershave, almost quarter of a teaspoon amount, rub between the palms and apply gently from chin to up the cheek with both the hands in the same time on both sides of the face.

As for the shaving with the electric shavers, a totally different practice has to be taken as best shaving practice. Dry electric shavers require the hairs to be dry and stiff before the shaving starts, the complete opposite of the traditional shaving, where the hairs and the skin need to be highly moisturized. A pre-shave lotion may be used, especially designed for electric shavers. In general, with an electric shaver, one can either shave with or against the grain of the whiskers. For a rotary shaver, it is recommended to make small circular motions with the shaver head. A smooth well shaven face is one of those signs of refinement that quite surely separates the gentleman from the average man.

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