Ali Shan Tourist Guide when in Taiwan


Ali Shan Tourist Guide when in Taiwan


Ali Shan cherry blossom newly sprung, spring tea harvest time also coincided with this year’s Taste of Spring, in addition to the famous Ali Shan oolong tea, black tea also adds fragrant flavor! Ali Shan tea farmers not only to tea cuisine, tea and also take into fragrant, truly full of tea mountains; together with indigenous mountain run B & B, quiet mountain retreat to enjoy tea, Ali’s quiet not compare!


Long time not to Ali Shan, in fact, most people do not want to rush used to take the Ali Shan Forest Recreation Area, just wanted to come surprise trip times, preferably with the interests and money; but having said that, in March travel, if not catch up with the Yoshino cherry blooming season it cannot be justified.


Forest Recreation Area amazing Yoshino

Forest Service Ali Shan cherry blossom season, is set on March 15 to April 15 this year, early cherry appearance, into the forest recreation areas, hotels, thick red area around the mountain cherry, Ali Shan hotel before and marsh flat small railway station near the pale of the Yoshino cherry wild Yan is in full bloom, fragrance carried by the wind to send the 2,000 meters in the cold mountains, they will naturally be an northern style, with Big Island and double cherry mixture of cherry blossom, like living in Japan.


Inadvertently into the hotel area opened a new style villa ,this mainly Japanese style small hotel, meaning that Chinese style; With black stone color, with art of carving totem, to create a timeless, antique the atmosphere appeared in the Castle Peak in the exceptionally brisk.


Cheaper accommodation is Ali Shan Youth Activity Center Youth Corps, RMB600 per person can be admitted, but from the Ali Shan Forest Recreation Area and 20 minutes, and the bloom were early booking.


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