All About Advantages Of Car Pooling For Workers In Docklands

Car pooling is when employees share rides by getting together with another colleague who goes the same route and splitting the bill at the petrol pump with some colleagues even sharing the vehicle as well.

Not only will car pooling put extra pennies in your piggy bank, but say you travel into Docklands then it might just save you a lot of money too. So why not start your car pooling today?

Not convinced? Well here is a list of benefits, thanks to

1) Some government agencies plan to assist those hoping to car pool. You might be able to source a private vehicle to drive to your offices with fellow colleagues and relieve pressure on the Docklands transport system. There may not be a passenger in the car with you the entire time as if you collect someone part-way to the office which suggests that some drivers have little to lose and a lot to gain. This makes car pooling to your Docklands office a no-lose situation!

2) Other means of giving car pooling a whirl include searching the internet for Docklands car pooling sites which won’t cost any extra and you could find someone instantly without waiting for Docklands newspaper adverts to be processed. If your Docklands office seems keen to join in on the scheme it might help things along to talk to your managers who might wish to garner further support within the company thus giving you the best chance of getting people to sign up.

3) When starting out your car share you’ll want to figure out which way you’re going to take to get to work and which route to Docklands you will need to take to pick up your passenger so that you don’t overshoot your drive and miss the point. After all, the aim is to cut back on how much fuel you use so select the most straight-forward Docklands route wherever you can and figure out the journey before you leave for your trip double-checking where exactly your colleague would like to be collected.

4) A few years ago our company made the decision to move to Docklands office space that was found on senior management decided to initiate a company-wide scheme of car pooling so that the commute to work would be made easier. It saved the colleagues in my workforce plenty of money that would otherwise have gone towards the cost of their Docklands commute were it not for an attempt to make car pooling the norm – the key benefit being that colleagues get to know one another better.

5) If you end up doing a lot more car pooling as a result and you travel relatively far on your way to Docklands you may like to invite those who do not work with you to join in and they would only have to fork out for their part of the trip. Don’t forget to approach car sharing with safety in mind and you must behave as you would normally with any stranger – why not try and go in the company of another staff member when you meet your new car sharer for the first time.

So if you want to make an impact on the environment and you want the chance to make a dent in your fuel bills as well as helping a fellow worker get to the office car pooling to Docklands is undoubtedly the best way forward! Secrets of the DLR

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